How does it work?

SOSLostpets is a rabies tag that you attach on your pet's collar. Each tag is engraved with a toll-free number and a scannable QR code . The finder of your lost pet is invited to scan the QR code with a smartphone or call the S.O.S. Lost Pet number.
- If the tag is scanned, the QR code forwards the finder to a microsite displaying carefully selected information about you and your pet. (you configure yourself the information that will be displayed)
− If the finder prefers to call the toll free number, S.O.S. Lost Pets forwards the call directly to the owner and sends an SMS to you and/or to a person of your choice (here as well, you can customize this information on your profile once logged in on
An Email message and a text message are also sent, informing you that your pet was found. If you are not reachable? The finder can leave a message.

How and where can you get your SOSLostPets tag?

You can get your tag from your veterinarian.

How do I activate my S.O.S. Lost Pets tag?

You have several choices:
1- Go to, click on tag activation standard and fill out the form. An alternative to activate your pet tag over Facebook is possible as well.
2- Via text message (SMS), by sending your tag number to 647-725-2747
3- Your vet can also activate your pet tag for you.
Once activated don't forget to fill-out your personal profile to ensure that your pet will find his way home, and your pet profile to provide some information to the pet finder.
If you receive a tag from your vet, ask him or her to activate it for you! Every tag is engraved with a pet identification code. The activation code (which you need in case you activate the tag yourself) is also printed on the tag, at the bottom, under the vet information. You need to enter both codes on our web site to activate your pet's tag.

How do I test if this really works?

Just like a finder would do it! Simply scan your tag if you have a smartphone or call the toll free number and enter your pet's identification code. If something isn't working properly, or if you have any feedback, get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

What is a QR code?

QR is an abbreviation of "Quick Response". In short, it is a two dimensional code that contains a large quantity of data. It can also be scanned easily by the modern smartphones (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry) after a preliminary installation of a free QR code reader application.

Which QR code reader do you recommend?

any QR code reader works with our Tag. Obviously we recommend our own app (search for soslostpets) on Apple store or Android play store. But you can also use QR code reader, QR code scaner or NeoReader (all free apps).

Can I order SOSLostPets for my cat or my dog?

Yes! Please get in touch with your vet clinic who will order more tags for you. We have larger size for dogs and smaller size for cats and small dogs.

How to register a tag by text message from your cell phone?

Simply follow these 3 steps:
- Send a text message with your tag number (10 digit number) to following telephone number: 647-725-2747
- You will receive a text message reply that will let you know if your activation was successful. The message will contain your username and password that you need to create your profile on website.
- Log into with your phone number as User-ID and your tag number as password and fill out your personal and your pet's profiles
That's it! you are done!

I activated my tag, how can I update my pet's profile?

I just need to click on the "sign in" button
Your identifier depends on the way you activated your tag. If you did this here on the site, your identifier will be the email address you used to register. If you called 800 542 0140 and registered with the help of the voice server, the identifier will be the telephone number you used. Finally, if you registered via text message, the identifier will be the telephone number of the portable device you used to send in the text message.
As a rule, the initial password is always identical to the first tag number that has been registered. The user is then invited to choose a new password at the first login

end faq