Our objective : Make sur your pet returns home safely !

S.O.S Lost Pets tags offer a complete protection for your pet. Your runaway pet will always be found by someone, sooner or later. The text on the back of the each tag, invites the finder to scan the tag or/and call our toll free number, depending on the tag you are using.

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The scanned QR codes forwards the finder to your own personal mobile site with your communication details and a description of your pet. If the finder is not equipped with a smartphone, he or she is invited to call our toll free number. As soon as the code is keyed in, S.O.S. Lost Pets forwards the call to you, the pet owner.Notifications are also sent via text messages (SMS) and via email.


There are different kinds of SOS Lost pets tags, each with its own capabilities. Make sure you read the description before purchasing one! 

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iphone hittavovven_medium S.O.S. Lost Pets with QR codes. The latest addition in our pet tags. QR codes are scannable by any modern smartphone and open your personal pet microsite with contact information and other details you wish to share about your pet (the quantity of information to the finder is selected by you in your setup.

If the finder is not equipped with a smartphone, he or she can simply call S.O.S toll free number*. The call is immediately forwarded to you, the owner (see description below)  

* Toll free numbers currently available in USA, Canada, France and Sweden

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All S.O.S. Lost Pets tags (even those with QR codes, to make sure there is a backup solution in case the finder does not have a smartphone) are using our proven solution to establish quick contact between the finder of a runaway pet and the owner.

Proven because 200 000 of these tags have been distributed in Europe since the launch of PetDirekt (the name of this product in Europe). It is simple and therefore reliable.

We create a link in our database between the number printed or engraved on the tag and your telephone number. When the finder calls, he or she is invited to key in the tagnumber and we forward the call to you!
While we're at it we also send emails and text messages to make sure someone gets the message: more security is better!

All our tags are setup from your account and offer the same guarantee! 

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Activate your pet tag. (if this is not done for you)

It’s easy to register your pet on-line. Just provide your contact details (email, cell) so we can immediately forward the call from the finder of your pet and notify you. If your tag is not already activated, make sure you do it. You can check by simply checking you tag list in your account.

Safe and Secure!

Our systems works 24/7. More than 200,000 customers are using our solution in Europe to protect their pets.

Toll Free: (1) 800 542 0140

That is our toll free telephone number! Every tag shows the number and its own S.O.S. identification code.

Reward to the finder

We offer a symbolic reward for any found pet. If you choose, you can raise the reward amount. We urge you not to make the amount too high as we don't want people to steal your pet.

Order S.O.S. Lost Pet tag for your cat or for your dog!


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