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Our mission is to reunite a pet with its rightful owner immediately. Even though S.O.S. Lost Pets tags offer extra security, you don't need to buy them to become a member and access all the resources on this site for free!! 

Your pet is missing?

Create an account and a profile for your pet. You can then easily generate a pet missing poster, access tips on how to recover your lost pets and more importantly find out the contact details and send an alert to vet clinics, pet shelters, pet associations, pet shops, members and supporters in your area.
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You have found a pet?

S.O.S. Lost Pets gives you the chance to report a found pet. (click here) You may also want to check the map showing missing pets (click here) in your neighbourhood. We give you the possibility to get immediately in touch with the owner of the pet you've found!

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Become a full member (click here it's free !) and receive our pet missing alerts for your neighbourhood or customize which the alerts you want to receive. You can register your email address here. We can find out where you are by using your IP address
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At S.O.S. Lost Pets, we use the latest technology, new communication tools and the power of social medias to make sure you get re-united with your missing pet!
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